Looking for me?

You want bright, engaging copy that can reach your audience. Isn’t that why you’re here?

You want brochure copy, blog posts, web copy, or feature articles.

Maybe you’ve got too much information. It’s like a messy drawer. You need it tidying up and sorting out, so everyone can see how great it is.

Problem solved. I’m a journalist, editor and marketer, and I’d love to make your content shine.

There’s a list over here of some of the people who have paid me to write. But they’re not the point.

I’ve written for parents, tourists, homeowners, and bookworms. I’ve written for farmers, for jobseekers, and for people who eat cereal.

Get in touch, tell me who you want to reach, and I’ll write for them.

(And I’ll put all the apostrophes in the right place. Because neither of us wants to look like a fool.)